Call for Sponsors

General Information

The organizers of GECCO 2023 invite and warmly welcome corporate sponsors. Corporate sponsorships are a fantastic opportunity for companies to have a presence at the premier conference on genetic and evolutionary computation, a key field in artificial and computational intelligence. A corporate presence at GECCO provides a unique opportunity to raise corporate awareness, to interact with leading scientific minds in the field, to cultivate new collaborations, and to reach future employees with high potentials. At the same time, such sponsorships make a key contribution to the continued success of GECCO, including enabling important cross-fertilization between academia and industry. The organization is highly appreciative of your corporate support and participation.

GECCO 2023 in principle identifies the opportunities as outlined below in predefined sponsorship packages, but in general strives to have your sponsorship meet the needs of your company. In particular, this year the sponsorship packages match the hybrid mode of the event, including both an onsite and virtual presence. If you are interested in becoming a corporate sponsor, please contact us at gecco2023 at sigevo.org.

Sponsorship Packages

BRONZE: $750

  • special thanks with logo on slides during opening and closing of the conference
  • logo on conference website
  • announcement of the sponsorship on social media and mailing lists

SILVER: $2,500 - all benefits of the BRONZE package plus:

  • virtual exhibition booth in virtual conference lobby
  • logo and link to company website in the virtual platform used to run the conference
  • exhibition table onsite
  • promo materials handed out during onsite registration
  • 1 complimentary conference registration

GOLD: $5,000 - all benefits of the SILVER package plus:

  • company description on the website and in the conference program
  • private virtual meeting room for meetings with conference participants
  • 2 extra complimentary conference registrations (3 in total)

PLATINUM: $8,000 - all benefits of the GOLD package plus:

  • naming of 1 coffee break
  • 5 minutes during conference opening to talk about company
  • 2 extra complimentary conference registrations (5 in total)

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