Competition Awards

AbstractSwarm Multi-Agent Logistics Competition

  • 1st place - Bronston Brown, Felix Schmitt, Rémi Dima

Evolutionary Computation in the Energy Domain: Operation and Planning Applications

  • Track 1: Ansel Y. Rodríguez González, Ángel Díaz Pacheco, Ramón Aranda, Miguel Á. Álvarez-Carmona, Yoan Martínez López and Julio Madera
  • Track 2: Edgar Morquecho, Santiago P. Torres, Jorge E. Idrovo, Mateo D. Llivisaca, Darwin F. Astudillo, Jose

Jara-Alvear, Daniela Ballari, Ximena Gavela, Miguel A. Torres, Fabian Calero, Rommel Aguilar, Jhery Saavedra


  • 1st place - Ansel Y. Rodríguez González et al
  • 2nd place - Sergio Rivera, Sebastian Krumscheid, Kannappan Chettiar

Machine Learning for Evolutionary Computation - Solving the Vehicle Routing Problems (ML4VRP)

  • 1st place: HUST429 (team lead: SHIPEI ZHOU)
  • 1st place: DR-ALNS (team lead: Robbert Reijnen)

GECCO 2023 Competition on Star Discrepancy Computation

  • 1st place in High-Dimensional Numerical Track: Boris Almonacid
  • 1st place in Low-Dimensional Numerical Track: Angel Nasev and Borjan Peovski

Interpretable Symbolic Regression for Data Science

  • 1st place - Track 1 - Parshin Shojaee, Kazem Meidani
  • 1st place - Track 2 - Hengzhe Zhang, Qi Chen, Bing Xue , Mengjie Zhang

Competition on Dynamic Stacking Optimization in Uncertain Environments

  • 1st place in Hotstorage Track: Sarah Boeckel
  • 1st place in Crane Scheduling: Jiban Kumar Ray

Predicting Good Configurations for Topic Models: a Competition on Per-Instance Algorithm Configuration

  • 1st place: Mou Saha

Travelling Thief Problem Competition

  • 1st place: Caio Philipe Vargas de Souza
  • 2nd place: Team Lupin: Pierre Arvy, Martin Debouté and Florian Fontan

SpOC: Space Optimisation Competition

  • 1st place - Steffen Limmer, Nils Einecke
  • 2nd place - Luís F. Simões, Thomas Uriot and the team at ML Analytics
  • 3rd place - Dietmar Wolz