The full condensed program is now available, and can be downloaded in pdf format here. (Last updated: July 12, 2023) The full booklet can be obtained in pdf format here.

(13-14th July: Summer School)
15-16th July: Tutorials, Workshops, Competitions, Women+@GECCO
17-19th July: Keynotes, Tracks, Posters, HOP, Humies, ECiP, Job Market

Opening session begins at 8:45am (17th July) (Lisbon local time)
Closing session finishes around 1:30pm (19th July) (Lisbon local time)

Schedule at a Glance

The schedule at a glance of GECCO 2023 appears in Lisbon's time zone (UTC+1/GMT+1).
(by Bing Xue, modified by Sara Silva, last updated July 11, 2023 21:00 GMT+1) PDF

Time conversion

For convenience a time differences for a few major cities are provided below:

  • For New York (USA), Toronto (Canada), please subtract 5 hours.
  • For Chicago/Houston (USA), please subtract 6 hours.
  • For Los Angeles/San Francisco (USA), Vancouver (Canada), please subtract 8 hours.
  • For Sao Paulo (Brazil), please subtract 4 hours.
  • For London (UK), same as Lisbon (Portugal).
  • For Paris (France)/Madrid (Spain)/Frankfurt (Germany), please add 1 hour.
  • For New Delhi (India), please add 4 and a half hours.
  • For Sydney/Melbourne (Australia), please add 9 hours.
  • For Shanghai/Beijing (China), please add 7 hours.
  • For Taipei (Taiwan), please add 7 hours.
  • For Tokyo (Japan), please add 8 hours.
  • For Johannesburg/Cape Town (South Africa), please add 1 hour.
  • For Wellington (New Zealand), please add 11 hours.

During the time of the conference, Lisbon has Western European Summer Time – WEST Time Zone (Daylight Saving Time).