Summer School


Held in conjunction with ACM GECCO 2023 Conference on 13 and 14 July 2023

The SIGEVO Summer School (S3) goes into round 6. And this time it will be back in person!

We will cover the following areas of knowledge:

  • General skills needed by GECCO researchers, e.g. reviewing, paper writing and presenting, as well as problem modelling and best practices for the empirical evaluation of evolutionary algorithms. Taught through lectures, small workshops and group projects led by summer school mentors.
  • In-depth knowledge about specific topics within GECCO, mostly through attending tutorials and workshops associated with GECCO.

The summer school is open to current students and recent graduates. There will also be ample chances to meet and work with other participants as well as senior researchers (our mentors) in a relaxed and smaller setting than during the main conference.

Note: For the moment, summer school participants need to register for both, the main conference and the school. Please let us know in case you are interested in registering only for the summer school.


Questions? Send us an email: sigevo-school at aber.ac.uk

Confirmed Mentors


The summer school will take place in Lisbon just before GECCO on 13 and 14 July 2023.

Planned Talks

  • Modelling Optimization Problems for Evolutionary Algorithms and Other Metaheuristics
  • Making your research (more) reproducible
  • Genetic Semantic Genetic Programming
  • Skills talks (tbc)

Planned Workshops

  • Automatic Algorithm Configuration
  • Paper Discussion

Planned Group Project

  • Modelling Optimization Problems for Evolutionary Algorithms and Other Metaheuristics

Planned Additional Sessions

  • Project Presentations
  • Getting Ready for GECCO
  • Social Event
  • plus: GECCO Tutorials and Workshops on 15 and 16 July 2023